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| Course 2017

June 18th, 2017
June 16-18, 2017
Thank You for your interest in volunteering for the Manitoba Marathon. This sign up page is for volunteers working in facets along the course route, including course marshals, cyclists and other non-medical positions.

Volunteers Under 18 Years
We welcome volunteers of all ages, however, children under the age of 18 years must have parental or guardian consent and be supervised by their parent, guardian or adult at all times while working together in the same role and area during the event.

For more information, please contact Programs Coordinator Kirsten Parker at programs@manitobamarathon.mb.ca

PASSWORD PROTECTED ROLES AND SHIFTS: Some roles are password protected for specific individuals, teams and groups. Select Captains have been given a unique password to provide their volunteers private access to their role and shift for registration: if you cannot view or see your role and shift then you need a password.
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Volunteer Code of Conduct

Our Volunteer Application asks all potential volunteers to sign our Standards of Conduct Agreement. It reads as follows:
As members of our Manitoba Marathon community, we all play an important role in the success of the Manitoba Marathon. We bear a responsibility to ourselves, to others and to the organization to uphold the following standards of conduct:

Volunteers must treat with respect all participants, staff, and fellow volunteers with whom they interact while conducting Marathon business. Harassment, discrimination or other behaviors that compromise the dignity and self-worth of others cannot be tolerated.

Volunteers must not use for their own purposes, including financial gain, or disclose for the use of others, information obtained as a result of their role with the Marathon (for example, lists of sponsors or suppliers). This applies both during and after the period in which the individual is a Manitoba Marathon volunteer.

Any intellectual property developed by a volunteer in the course of his or her role with the Marathon (for example, guidebooks, training resources, promotional materials) is the property of the Marathon.

At all times, the privacy and dignity of participants, sponsors, volunteers and staff will be respected. Volunteers may have access to information and documents relating to participants, sponsors, volunteers and staff that are private and confidential in nature; reasonable care and caution will be exercised to protect and maintain total confidentiality. Volunteers will not read records or discuss such information unless there is a legitimate purpose. All participant, sponsor, volunteer and staff records are the property of the Marathon and are kept in a secure location.
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